3 Powerful Ways to Use Video to Tell Your Story!

  • Be Specific

Think early about who you want to watch your video. Are you targetting new or existing customers or even genders and age groups? The more specific you are about your target audience early on, the greater your focus will be during production.


Also think about who and what the advert is about. Are you giving a general overview of the business and its origins or focusing on a single campaign or a current promotion? The film can be simply about who you are and what you do, but the more specific you can be, the better the results.

Finally, consider the specific actions of the characters and colleagues in the film and how these actions provide both the personal message and business message that you want to share. Think about how certain scenes and sequences within your advert can be used to give your business the identity that you desire.

  • Be Authentic

When considering authenticity, think about what aspects of your business you want to promote above all others. What are you proudest of that you want all to see? Is it the people, the products or the originality? What do you want to tell or show people about yourself with this advert the most?


When coming up with the story of your business try to reflect on how you want to feel within yourself when watching it and how you want your audience to feel. To portray your story your way, will your audience feel happy, sad, engaged, inquisitive? Will it be thought provoking, authentic and insightful, leaving your audience wanting more? Always Incorporate what makes you original into your story.

  • Be Personal

When taking the step to promote your business online, really think about why you want to tell your story and the story of your business. How important is the setting of the advert? What parts of the business do you want to show an audience that have personal meaning to you?


Get Personal, think about what still affects you emotionally about your business and if people feel your positive emotion they will see the truth and integrity behind your business. Think about what extra information about your business do you want your audience to have in advance and how you will provide them with it.


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