A Day Filming with Amir Khan and Hygiene Protekt

Ever since the start of the pandemic, keeping your hands clean has been the number one priority to us all when we are out in public. COVID has changed the world forever and using hand sanitizer regularly is something which will maintain a priority in our lives for years to come.

No one knows this better than local business Hygiene Protekt, who has recently become a new client of ours at Title Productions. To help promote their innovative contactless, foot-pedal-operated sanitizer stations, we have produced a couple of videos for them so far to showcase their product in various professional settings.

Working with them has been amazing, and naturally, we were excited to hear that our next shoot with them would also involve Bolton boxing legend, Amir Khan. A household name in the UK, Amir has had an illustrious career, winning a silver medal at the 2004 Olympics and going on to become the unified light-welterweight World Champion seven years later.

Now, Amir trains and coaches at the Amir Khan Academy in Bolton, and it is here that we met him to shoot the testimonial video for Hygiene Protekt. Working with Amir, Hygiene Protekt has installed their sanitizer stations around the gym to keep people safe and clean whilst training. With gyms starting to reopen, Amir felt it was important to have these precautions in place with a large number of people coming to and from the gym every day. We highlighted this in the testimonial and allowed Amir to share his experience with the sanitizer stations along with some exciting shots of his academy in full flow.

We turned up on the day to a lively and active gym, with many people working out and training hard. We met Amir and his team at the academy and immediately felt relaxed and welcomed. To start, we set up our equipment and wanted the gym to carry on as normal so we could capture B Roll footage of Amir and the other members’ training. The hive of activity and bustling atmosphere was something which we thought would be perfect for the video, as we were able to capture the energy on film and from it, create a visually entertaining and striking piece.

We then moved on to our main interview with Amir, who provided us with all the important information we needed in one quick take. As you’d expect after years in the spotlight, Amir didn’t need much direction on camera as it was obvious he had done this before. Speaking honestly about the impact Hygiene Protekt has had on his business, his laid-back charm and natural charisma made our job easy!

He spoke with the wisdom of someone with a long career of success behind him but was also humble enough to accept instruction and learn more from us behind the camera. Being the head of the Boxing Academy, you can tell he is a leader and that he thrives in this role as he was consistently helping people around him and creating a positive, upbeat environment. This really shone through on camera and our client Hygiene Protekt was delighted with the results.
Our experience working on this project with Amir and Hygiene Protekt was fantastic. It was a pleasure working on set professionally, but also refreshing to have fun with someone who is greatly admired in our shared hometown of Bolton. The process from start to finish was a pleasure and we hope you enjoy the finished product which you can see here!Keep smiling, stay creative.

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