‘A Day in the Life’ with NatWest Business

After a turbulent few months stuck inside, life at Title Productions these days is returning to normal and our film crew is happily travelling around the North West shooting some incredible videos. A couple of weeks ago we were given the wonderful opportunity to display what this is like as we took part in a social media project showcasing ‘a day in the life of our company for NatWest Business. It’s not every day that a nationwide bank asks you to take over their Instagram story and chat all day about your passion, so obviously, we were happy to oblige.

The idea for this project came from a collaboration between NatWest and Business Live, who joined forces in January 2020 to shine a light on regional entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the year. 2020 probably hasn’t turned out the way they would have expected, but NatWest’s focus on nurturing and promoting local businesses has stayed strong despite the uncertainty of the past few months – and we have been lucky enough to witness this firsthand.

We became involved in the project when our talented co-founder, Nicolay, was interviewed for an article on the BusinessLive website. The article focussed on BAME business leaders in the North West and their stories of overcoming bias and prejudice in their individual industries. A topic which is close to our hearts and something that society is pondering more so these days, we felt it was important to contribute to this discussion and we were grateful to be given the platform.

From this interview and our involvement in the NatWest Business Accelerator programme, we were approached to run the NatWest Business Instagram account for a day and take the viewers behind the scenes of our company. This was an exciting offer for us because being a production company, we know how to produce content. However, this was a little different, as usually, we are on the other side of the lens!

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During the day, we were asked to share what it was like to run Title Productions, what motivates and inspires us, and what are the biggest challenges we face as a company on the rise. Naturally, COVID-19 was one challenge which we couldn’t shy away from. As a production company, one of the main day-to-day tasks that we do is going out and filming. Whether it be shooting a promotional video for our clients or interviewing someone for our documentaries, we are at our most comfortable when the cameras are rolling.

So, as you can imagine, it was difficult for us to adjust when lockdown began and we were forced to stay at home. But running a business is all about adjusting, and if you want to be successful you have to overcome difficult challenges like these regularly. With the platform provided by NatWest Business, we were able to share how we dealt with COVID’s impact and hopefully, our words provided some helpful insight for other businesses in a similar situation.

We didn’t just talk to the audience about how we run Title Productions, we showed them too! We filmed some behind-the-scenes clips of a shoot we were doing that day with one of our favourite clients and posted them to NatWest’s Instagram story. For those watching who have never been involved in any professional video creation before, this BTS footage provided an interesting outlook on what goes on during a day’s filming with our Director and Cameraman at the helm.

This was a fantastic experience for us as a business as it provided a great chance to show our skills and express how despite Coronavirus, we are still working hard to keep expanding our company. Hopefully, the viewers got something from our videos and understood that no matter what obstacles you face as a business owner, you can always overcome them.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to share their thoughts like this and we are thankful to Natwest Business for their faith in us. The inspiring work they have been doing recently in supporting much smaller, local companies have been incredible, especially as many may well be struggling to deal with the blow of coronavirus.

Although times may be tough, a local community is nothing without local businesses. With the support of influential groups like NatWest Business and by looking out for one another, the power of the local community will continue to thrive, virus or not.

Watch the video below!

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