Our client wanted to create a fictional sketch video to raise awareness of their brand and entertain their inhouse team who loved British Comedy. We hired a Mr Bean lookalike and filmed mostly on location, using extras and the public across the town centre.
The film featured Mr Bean as he makes his way home after being lost in the city. Bean wanders around the streets and notices a passer-by holding a bouquet with a teddy bear. There are several other people passing by holding bouquets and he gets confused and inquisitive before following one of them into a flower shop. Later, in Beans bedroom he tiptoes in with lilies, hoping to give somebody a surprise. It turns out that the lilies are for his teddy bear.
It was filled with meaningful colours, props and messaging representing the Lilium Brand. Lilium also paid for an electric billboard to be featured. The film was challenging due to busy city locations, disruptive traffic sounds and hot weather on the day. There wasn’t much dialogue in the film and the humour was created with success by body performance, background music and audio effect.

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