Bolton Wanderers in the Community

Bolton Wanderers in the Community (BWITC) is a charitable organisation that uses the power of football to inspire, support and deliver positive change across the local area.  Partnering with individuals, charities, and businesses to create a connected community without disadvantage or discrimination, BWITC is an organisation that truly breaks the mould when it comes to helping others and giving back to the area surrounding them.  

Despite being affiliated with Bolton Wanderers Football Club and using its fanbase to attract investment, BWITC is actually a financially independent organisation.  They  have a long term goal of developing and supporting the community and they work with local business partners and celebrities to create sustainable pathways and opportunities that can transform lives.  Working together and connecting people enables local communities to thrive regardless of social class and cultural differences and BWITC want to be a leading force in sharing this belief.

Title Productions Partnership

Title Productions partnered with BWITC to produce a series of videos that showcased the work that they do and how their events benefit the community.  These videos were then used on their social media channels, via their website, and as promotional material at fundraising events to help source new funding and volunteers.  The videos focused primarily on the processes, events and impacts of BWITC, specifically on the people that have benefited from their support.  Our ongoing partnership with BWITC showcases the many talents of Title Productions, including location and event shooting, recording musical performances and working with people from disabled and diverse backgrounds.

Impact of the Videos

Developing fresh and modern films, whilst looking at things through a new perspective has had a very positive impact on BWITC and their ongoing projects, raising awareness of the charity and offering people a greater understanding of what they actually do.  Updating and modernising their approach to social media has led to an increase in volunteers, partners, and even revenue.

The media we produced has helped to change the way that people think about BWITC and allowed them to understand its greater significance beyond the football team, recognising the organisation as a charity that is making a very real difference to the lives of local people.  If you are interested in learning more about Bolton Wanderers in the Community and the services and events that they offer, then  please visit their website.

Stills from our Bolton in the Wanderers Videos
Stills from our Bolton in the Wanderers Videos

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