Filming with Alan Day Volkswagen & Will Champion from Coldplay!

Last week we were lucky enough to be invited down to London to visit Alan Day Group as they launch the new Volkswagen ID.3 electric car. If you aren’t aware of them already, Alan Day Group is a Motor Sales company based in London and has been stocking all sorts of brands since its inception in 1972.

In recent times, they have been one of the biggest supporters of cutting down carbon emissions in the motoring industry and in the past two years have reduced their carbon footprint by 38%.

Although a great achievement, they believe this is only the beginning and that everyone should follow their lead in helping fight against climate change.

Since committing to a greener approach and setting up a partnership with Volkswagen, Alan Day Group could not wait to get their hands on the new VW ID.3 electric vehicle. With top of the range technology and an impressive 280 miles of travel distance before recharging, the ID.3’s arrival in the UK has caused a real stir as Alan Day sold their first 35 allocated cars within just one hour!
To help spread their message of a more eco-conscious industry, Alan Day hired us to film an upcoming video for the marketing campaign around the ID.3; and they enlisted a special friend to help them out.

Will Champion, drummer of the legendary band Coldplay was the man they selected to feature in the upcoming video, and we were thrilled to work alongside such a global star.

It’s not every day that you get to work with one of the most famous musicians in the world, and from our perspective as fellow creatives, Will is someone we look up to. But what many people may not know is that Will is a huge advocate for environmentalism too and has been doing fantastic work on the issue in the past few years. With this to add to his already incredible career, Will is an inspirational figure and someone whose values aligned perfectly with those of Alan Day Group.

Getting Will as the perfect ambassador for the new ID.3 vehicle due to his love of Volkswagen cars, the guys at Alan Day Group now needed us to film a small interview with Will where they discussed everything from the ins and outs of the ID.3 car to the global climate change crisis. Listening to Will talk, it was obvious that he was passionate about this subject and wanted to use his highly recognizable platform for the good of the planet.

Working with him was a delight and even as a global superstar Will was incredibly down to earth, relaxed and a pleasure to be around. His insight and commitment to fighting for the environment were inspirational and we feel privileged to have captured this on film and be able to share this message with Alan Day Group’s audience. Video as a platform can do a lot of things, and its ability to spread hope is just one of the reasons why we love it so much.

The work being done by people like Will and businesses like Alan Day Group is incredibly important now more than ever. With the issue of global warming at a breaking point, we can’t allow the focus of our attention to be diverted by Coronavirus and forget about the challenges we face across the world in regard to climate change.

With the government committing to banning all petrol car sales by 2035, the drive towards electrification of the industry is in full swing and shows no sign of slowing down. Having big companies and successful celebrities like Will supporting this idea goes a long way to influencing others, and we hope the video we created can help impact the world in a positive way.

Watch the full video below

Thanks for reading and watching!

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