Gaga Knight

This experimental fictional film request from the client really helped us to expand our skillsets. We treated this film like a scene from a movie, featuring a music video. We ensured the look, location and feel of the film was of the highest quality and could be made within the time and budgeting constraints. The film was surreal but authentic and this was the first time we had worked with prop suppliers on this scale.
Following the success of the Bean video and the use of lookalikes, Lilium wanted to expand this universe and use a Lady Gaga lookalike for a sequence of films. The premise of the film was a simple one, three soldiers are drinking in a medieval tavern and having a heated argument. They are then distracted by a dance performance by Lady Gaga and her backing dancers.
We filmed across two days at Rivington Barn and constructed a tavern inn using props and camera tricks to make it look authentic. Our costume and makeup teams worked

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