Grab your torch and pitchforks! Filming medieval style ⚔️

On the 3rd of May we hired out Rivington Hall Barn from 8am-5pm for a medieval themed music video for our international client to use as an in-house video!

Who was involved in this shoot?

We had over 30 cast members playing soldiers, squires, servants and more plus 8 crew members to help bring this video production to life!

Here’s some behind-the-scenes images from the day! Check out the link below to see the full BTS from the day!


Thank you to everyone who was involved in this shoot we had a blast!

This was our first time filming a music video for our clients and we believe it was a huge success! If you’re interested in creating a music video for yourself or know someone who would benefit from our video production services, reach out to our team today!


The full video is in the works and will be available to watch soon, sign up to our mailing list on the link below to be the first to view it and stay up to date with our future projects!


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