How Video Can Help Your Construction/Landscaping Business 🚜

In 2020, video marketing is something which we see daily, mostly on social media. The reason is that video is the preferred way in which consumers devour information. A recent study claimed that 75% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video than read about it – and companies across all industries are wising up to this.

If you’ve read any of our previous articles you might already know this fact, and some of you may have already taken action and incorporated video into your business. But in certain professions video is still being criminally underused as a lot of companies still rely on a basic website and word of mouth to attract clients and create revenue.

One industry where this still exists is the construction industry. Whether you are a large-scale building contractor or family-run landscape gardener, you should be considering video as it is a perfect medium for promoting your business. Why? Because companies in this industry live and die by the way their work looks.

Although your team might be able to build a structurally sound two-storey house in less than six months, future customers aren’t going to be impressed unless the finished property looks attractive and eye-catching. If you know that your work is visually appealing, then why aren’t you showcasing it to every single person you possibly can? This is where filmed content comes into play.

We get it, a lot of business owners probably don’t have the time to focus on video marketing and many think they can gain enough business from word-of-mouth sales regardless. But just imagine how quickly your firm could grow if you added a host of new clients purely from interest gained via your online video.

These videos don’t need to be on par with the latest blockbuster or those overly dramatic perfume ads we see on TV every night. The beauty of this marketing strategy is that online, even the most basic videos can make a huge difference. One slightly more advanced type of video that works exceptionally well in the construction industry is overhead drone footage.

Utilizing a drone camera allows you to capture your stunning work in all its glory and variety, rather than shooting purely from a ground-level perspective which struggles to paint the full picture. Customers love having a birds-ey view of a project, and the impressiveness of the shot will make them associate your company with quality and professionalism.

Another popular style of video that you could incorporate into your online marketing is the time-lapse video. Filming the progress of your project from start to finish is an incredibly effective way of engaging your audience, as these videos are adored by people who don’t even know the first thing about construction. You can’t deny it is very satisfying watching something from its inception right the way through to its completion, and constriction jobs are no different. Not only are these videos universally loved and shared frequently online, but they also provide you with the chance to show prospective clients how you work, adding an extra level of credibility to your business that continues to grow with every new viewer.

During this global pandemic, the benefits of this are boosted as you may have less chance to speak to people face to face about your firm’s capabilities. Using video lets the visuals do the work for you, providing a permanent way to highlight the personality of your key workers, promote the company in your own words, and with each new like or share, engage with a potential new client.

In time, these videos will help you generate project bids, secure new contracts, and introduce potential customers to your leadership team. Tasks that you would usually do during a meeting or over the phone can now be done with an effective and engaging video marketing strategy, and for contractors, this saves an unbelievable amount of time and energy.

A common worry when someone mentions video however is that it is super expensive – but this isn’t true! A lot of video methods can be done by yourself for free; but even if you want to go down the more professional route, for a fraction of a project’s budget you could hire a production company or freelancer to capture your work and edit it into something special. Hiring someone who has all the know-how and necessary equipment takes all the pressure off you too and can be as easy to set up as a simple email or phone call; so, what have you got to lose?

Construction/Landscaping videos to watch from Title Productions:

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