How video marketing is changing how we view websites

With billions of people across the globe using mobile devices to socialize, work and stay connected, video is a great way for any business to authentically inspire and evoke emotion in its consumers, whilst appealing to the needs of a mass audience. It can take ideas and present them to screens and households across the globe in fast, creative and efficient ways.

When YouTube came about in 2005, it opened digital video messaging up to the world and helped companies and individuals alike get their message online and to audiences of unprecedented sizes. Other platforms would soon gain traction as more people moved online using their mobile phones; Snapchat, Instagram, Google and Facebook became global platforms for video and entrepreneurship.

Customers don’t want to be sold and pitched to like they once did, they want to be drawn in, engaged with and have the opportunity to form their own opinions. A website video is a very cost-effective way to do this and can be done by simply providing an audience with interesting and useful information to consume.

With a good online video, a business can even get an audience to do work for them by sharing and advocating content. Video sharing is a gigantic piece of online networking and people love to share, save and comment on videos. All this free communication can help businesses learn more about their consumers and every remark and reaction a video gets enables a business to profile its customers to improve future targeting.

Website videos and mobile communications also go hand in hand and companies using video content will experience increases in traffic through web searches compared to others who don’t include it. Video does what text doesn’t by creating an immediate, authentic route of interaction and connection with audience members, who can provide reactions and comments in a very important real-time.

When a business has quality video marketing content on its website, it has an asset that touches on its unique personality and brand. It grows an image of the business and creates a lot of trust with some consumers who are often skeptical about buying products and services on the internet because they fear fraud and theft.

Effective marketing videos present products in such a conversational form, that it creates a sense of individual approach. An approach which many online consumers indicate directly informs their purchase decisions or helps them gain confidence in the company’s advertising.

With social media platforms also prioritizing video content over text and static images right now, a business can simply post a video in its daily feed and social algorithms will reward that business posting with more views. A video can also be tweaked depending on the platform being used to further filter down its intended audience.

For many people, modern life is extremely chaotic and busy. Customers no longer have the time to read product descriptions or dig deep into services or search endless pages for help and support. Gone are the days of catalogues and brochures, people want fast, impactful and honest information that they can show their interest in within a few seconds. Video content can even engage with the most laidback and lethargic of customers with nothing much to do. It is an easy form of media to quickly and efficiently show customers something on offer, raise brand awareness and increase a company’s visual appeal.

A website video can sum up what a business does and who it serves without the wall of text that companies use to get their message across. The modern customer wants to see the product in action and a majority of consumers prefer video content to read. Consumer preference has led to a video explosion in marketing and now is the time to use it for lead generation and growth.

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