Kepler - Villa

This fictional film produced for the Kepler brand was an introduction to their app and was to be used as part of an inhouse social media campaign. The project required a lot of work due to the location requirements, time constraints and the need for us to work with around 40 cast and crew members over a short period of time. This was a tough production requiring professional actors, great costumes, a stunning location, a McLaren sports car, and a larger team due to lighting and sound demands.
Within the film a female lead arrives at a glamorous villa during a party, it is stylish elegant and extravagant. She arrives in a high-end sports car and gracefully walks through the party towards the villa with all eyes focused upon her. The male protagonist is completely unmoved and focused only on his mobile phone and the app upon it. She moves closer to him and whilst ignoring the unwanted attention of two other men she eventually attracts his attention. It is flirtatious and they really like each other. Talking about the app on his phone is the ice breaker.

Intro Scene

Bar Scene

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