MP Visit

The aim of this production was to portray the visit of an important MP to the LILUM head office. The feel of the video had to be raw and needed to look as if taken in a real scenario by an employee (VLOGGING STYLE), with the purpose of documenting a real event from the office. The film was entirely fictional for use in an inhouse media campaign.
We focused on location as a priority and ensured we had a lot of extras and actors from previous shoots for the background of scenes. We also had actors who had to be coached with lines. We secured an amazing location at Chancery Place in Manchester and used two floors across the day, handling a large cast for a POV handheld shoot.
For this shoot we had to work with a lot of freelance props and set designers to create a busy trader’s room and highlight the importance of employees at Lilium and the importance of the visit. It had to show a real sense of high tech and professionalism, something we achieved with great costumes, casting, and location.

Video will be available soon.

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