Potential Career Paths for Independent Filmmakers

Cinematography, filmmaking, and video production are both skillsets and career paths that are increasingly popular in the 21st century. In our modern-day society, video production is used in virtually every industry in some fashion, whether it’s for advertisement, educational, or purely entertainment purposes. Due to this broad usage across many industries and the versatile applications available to filmmakers, in recent years we have seen a surge of freelance video producers forging their own careers through the various industries that need their services, rather than adhering to a static career path within a single company or sector. There are plenty of different routes available for freelancers, and you can achieve a wide variety in your career! Here we’ll break down a few of the potential career routes for independent filmmakers:


Vlogger is the most obvious entry on our list, so we thought we’d start off with this classic! Since the dawn of YouTube, vloggers have brought us their daily or weekly video logs on any topics from politics and current events to entertainment, music, sports, and specialized topics like technologies, conspiracy theories, or industry insights. Vlogging is the easiest way to get started in the world of independent filmmaking!

Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencers are found on every platform these days, many started as vloggers and gained their fame that way. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram or Facebook, video content helps to drive viewership and follower base, boosting your popularity and your clout as an influencer!

Event Filmmaking

Event filmmaking is one of the easiest ways to break out into the professional videography industry! Whether it’s weddings, birthdays, charity events or corporate parties, clients will pay good money to ensure that their event is memorialized in a professional and well-edited video.

Extreme Videography

Extreme videography is a branch of filmmaking that encompasses intense events like extreme sports or exploration expeditions. The emergence of drones, for example, has led to drone videography for both aerial filming and filming in difficult terrains or keeping up with fast-paced activities like rock climbing or parasailing.

Whatever your particular experience or specific skills, there are many options available for those with filmmaking knowledge and a dab hand behind a camera. The few we have discussed here represent just a small sample of the potential career routes you could forge for yourself.

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