Press Conference

The purpose of this video was to highlight Liliums quarterly performance to date, its successes of 2022, and its future goals for the remainder of the financial year. We hired a large conference room with panoramic views, as well as a stage for a fictional press conference. We ensured the room was full of extras and actors, most of whom had worked on previous shoots and understood the material. We ensured the event appeared popular, newsworthy, and full of energy. There were very specific messages and brand requirements that had to be met and delivered within a tight budget.
Our team worked hard to ensure we provided the best cast and location possible within the time constraints and we had a strong flexible film crew ready for the day. One of the biggest challenges of the shoot was the length of the dialogue that some of the actors had to read, so we made sure our screenwriter supported them with complex lines. We had a few lighting and sound issues on location, but still made a success of the project, delivering it in an eye-catching way.

Main Video:

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