Rugby League World Cup 2021: Case Study

In October 2022 the UK played host to the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) and we witnessed nations from across the world travel to our home town of Bolton to compete.  One of the strongest and most established teams in the tournament even made Bolton their training camp and base of operations for the duration of the competition.  This team was of course France, rivals to England one of the pre tournament favourites. 

The French had a key qualifying game against England taking place in Bolton.  They knew the challenge would be huge, crowds large and expectations high, so they set up operations in a town centred within the heart of rugby league and embraced the people and culture along the way.  Title Productions were granted a wonderful opportunity by Bolton council to film the French team and share the incredible journey of the French lads in Bolton to the masses.

Joe filming French players turn up for their game at the Rugby World Cup.
Joe filming French players turn up for their game at the Rugby World Cup.

The main video will be available soon, in the mean time enjoy the clips we have to offer.

Some RLWC Clips

As video partners for Bolton Council, we created a selection of short films that took a sneak peek behind the curtain during the build-up of the England v France game due to take place at the UniBol Stadium (now known as the The Toughsheet Community Stadium). Not only did we question the impact the French team had on Bolton, we also questioned what impact Bolton had on the French team.

We were lucky enough to follow the team from arrival in Bolton to the final whistle at that game, embracing and building relationships with the French squad along the way and witnessing them interacting with community groups and schools across the region.  We also focused a lot of attention on the incredible work that the council did in putting the event together and the difficulties they faced after Covid delayed the original planning by a year. The councils commitment to making this event a success was evident for all to see and our videos have helped them to pitch for future national sporting events to come to Bolton. 

The Rugby League World Cup project marks our continued involvement and advancement within the sports industry, and we hope the stories we tell from this event will inspire and entertain those in our community to seek different stories, participate in sports and support the community. Who knows, perhaps they will inspire the next great rugby league superstar to come out of the North West.  


Daniel Ladd
Bolton Council

Rugby League World Cup 2021 - Behind The Scenes:

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