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How do you know if the business standards you have set are believed and trusted by consumers who have never bought from you before? The short answer is, you don’t. However, what if I told you there was a way to overcome this? A way to make sure that every visitor to your website comes away knowing what you do and trusting that you can do it professionally. We believe we have the answer: A video testimonial.

A testimonial is a short video of your previous clients praising the work you have done and explaining how the products and services you offer helped them succeed or overcome a problem. Within a testimonial video, instead of explaining your own achievements, you let your customers do the talking for you and provide a real-life narrative to the activities of your organisation. This is incredibly attractive, as research suggests that users trust customer reviews almost twelve times more than statements from the businesses themselves. It provides a proof of concept for your services, showing that the incredible work you have previously completed can be done again and again for others.


Also, as a lot of business is now done online, the presence of human interaction is sometimes lost, leaving consumers more cautious of making a purchase as they may not trust the seller on the other end. However, a testimonial from your loyal customers can be an extremely powerful marketing tool as it builds a sense of legitimacy in the following ways:
  • It promotes your services from the perspective of a real person with real opinions, rather than a biased or sometimes exaggerated description.

  • It provides previously unknown insight into the experience of a client, which is something you cannot offer on your own.

  • The video acts as a proof of concept for your services which validates your ability and proficiency.


The format of a testimonial is a tried and tested marketing strategy which works hand in hand with the process of referrals (i.e. when one of your satisfied customers suggests your company to a friend or client). 90% of businesses in todays market get most of their trade and custom from referrals, as the power of human opinion continues to succeed in its ability to persuade. However, one of the downsides of spoken referrals is that it usually only happens between two people, meaning the maximum number of new customers you can gain from a single referral is one.

Imagine Mr. A buys a product from you, Mr. B. Mr. A then tells Mr. C how great a service Mr. B provides, and as such Mr. C decides to buy from Mr. B. This is all fine, but imagine a method of referral which increases your scope of reach from one new customer to infinity. This is what a testimonial video can provide, and it is why many businesses are using them more frequently. By capturing this moment of referral professionally on camera, you can show the world Mr. A’s glowing praise for your business, and this praise can be seen by Mr D., Mr. E., Mr. F… you get the picture.

Not only does this allow you to scale up your audience reach exponentially, it is also a digital asset that can last for an unlimited period of time. And with online video marketing not going away any time soon, now is the perfect moment to exploit this method of communication.

Although you may think some clients might not want to appear in a short video talking about your company, the way we see it, this could be a win-win for you and your clients! In order to garner an understanding of the speaker’s perspective, your client will need to provide the name of their company and briefly explain what they do. Also, as the client will gain screen time on your website or social media, they will be on display to your entire audience thereby allowing a level of visibility in a market they previously would have struggled to access. It’s free advertising! And who doesn’t want that?


Video is quickly becoming the most consumed visual medium online and video testimonial has already established itself as the new, digital way of utilising referrals. The potential for scaling-up your reach and developing consumer confidence with a professional testimonial video is endless and it is an asset that will fit flawlessly into today’s world of online marketing.

If you want to produce a high-quality video testimonial for your business, get in touch with Title Productions today! Links in the ‘contact’ tab.



Watch our Testimonial Video from Wendy Wray, Delicious Catering.

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