Launch Party

Our biggest fictional project at the time, featured the rental of an actual Concorde aeroplane and was filmed on location in a huge aircraft hangar. We worked with a large group of extras across the location and our team had to be very hands on to ensure smooth logistics and a safe working environment. Costume, setting and casting, in relation to brand instructions were vital to the overall success of this shoot.
The video featured several fictional speeches and interviews, mixed with party and event footage. The aim of the video was to document the official launch of the Lilium and introduce people to the team representing the company. It featured mainly staged speeches and presentations and we had to work hands on with the actors to support in the delivery of some complex dialogue.

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For our first project for Lilium, we were asked to create a secret agent style promotional
film to showcase the importance, security, and reliability of their new finance app. The
project was shot across two days to ensure all requirements of the production and script
were followed accurately and to allow time for additional reshoots. The film was used as
part of an inhouse campaign by the Lilium team and helped us build a long running
partnership with them. test

Some BTS:

Press Conference

The purpose of this video was to highlight Liliums quarterly performance to date, its successes of 2022, and its future goals for the remainder of the financial year. We hired a large conference room with panoramic views, as well as a stage for a fictional press conference. We ensured the room was full of extras and actors, most of whom had worked on previous shoots and understood the material. We ensured the event appeared popular, newsworthy, and full of energy. There were very specific messages and brand requirements that had to be met and delivered within a tight budget.
Our team worked hard to ensure we provided the best cast and location possible within the time constraints and we had a strong flexible film crew ready for the day. One of the biggest challenges of the shoot was the length of the dialogue that some of the actors had to read, so we made sure our screenwriter supported them with complex lines. We had a few lighting and sound issues on location, but still made a success of the project, delivering it in an eye-catching way.

Some BTS:


Our client wanted to create a fictional sketch video to raise awareness of their brand and entertain their inhouse team who loved British Comedy. We hired a Mr Bean lookalike and filmed mostly on location, using extras and the public across the town centre.
The film featured Mr Bean as he makes his way home after being lost in the city. Bean wanders around the streets and notices a passer-by holding a bouquet with a teddy bear. There are several other people passing by holding bouquets and he gets confused and inquisitive before following one of them into a flower shop. Later, in Beans bedroom he tiptoes in with lilies, hoping to give somebody a surprise. It turns out that the lilies are for his teddy bear.
It was filled with meaningful colours, props and messaging representing the Lilium Brand. Lilium also paid for an electric billboard to be featured. The film was challenging due to busy city locations, disruptive traffic sounds and hot weather on the day. There wasn’t much dialogue in the film and the humour was created with success by body performance, background music and audio effect.

Gaga Knight

This experimental fictional film request from the client really helped us to expand our skillsets. We treated this film like a scene from a movie, featuring a music video. We ensured the look, location and feel of the film was of the highest quality and could be made within the time and budgeting constraints. The film was surreal but authentic and this was the first time we had worked with prop suppliers on this scale.
Following the success of the Bean video and the use of lookalikes, Lilium wanted to expand this universe and use a Lady Gaga lookalike for a sequence of films. The premise of the film was a simple one, three soldiers are drinking in a medieval tavern and having a heated argument. They are then distracted by a dance performance by Lady Gaga and her backing dancers.
We filmed across two days at Rivington Barn and constructed a tavern inn using props and camera tricks to make it look authentic. Our costume and makeup teams worked

MP Visit

The aim of this production was to portray the visit of an important MP to the LILUM head office. The feel of the video had to be raw and needed to look as if taken in a real scenario by an employee (VLOGGING STYLE), with the purpose of documenting a real event from the office. The film was entirely fictional for use in an inhouse media campaign.
We focused on location as a priority and ensured we had a lot of extras and actors from previous shoots for the background of scenes. We also had actors who had to be coached with lines. We secured an amazing location at Chancery Place in Manchester and used two floors across the day, handling a large cast for a POV handheld shoot.
For this shoot we had to work with a lot of freelance props and set designers to create a busy trader’s room and highlight the importance of employees at Lilium and the importance of the visit. It had to show a real sense of high tech and professionalism, something we achieved with great costumes, casting, and location.

James and the Police

Video will be available soon.

This video was an experimental video for Lilium, shot in a POV perspective via a mobile phone to give a realistic, live, and raw effect. The fictional scene was very quick, in a natural style and lasted around 30 seconds. The setup and location of the office were the same as our MP visit shoot and included the placement of props and other items in the reception of the gorgeous Chancery Place.
The challenges of this shoot came with sourcing the same location and actors as before and managing a large team on set for a budget shoot. We also had to source authentic and high-quality costumes for the shoot, including several police uniforms. We utilised time and location well, producing several versions of the scene for the client.

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