The Main Types of Videos Used in Film Production

Film production is a huge industry that affects nearly every other. Every sector uses audio/video content in some respect, whether it’s for advertising or informational purposes! The main types of video content produced for use online can be broken down into five main groups, each with many subcategories! We’ve broken down these five groups for you, so you can see exactly what kind of video content your business may benefit from.


Educational videos have been adopted in schools and businesses across the country for years now, from science education classes to company training days. Educational videos break down complex topics into bite-sized snippets and should be engaging throughout to avoid those yawns and glazed-over eyes. Studies have shown that the use of visual and audio information together aids in learning and increases comprehension!


Unlike educational videos, which aim to teach and promote a more detailed level of comprehension in their viewers, informational videos are purely designed to get information out into the general consciousness. Public service announcements and press releases etc are examples of informational videos that aren’t very educational.


Promotional videos are most likely what you think of when somebody mentions their business needing video production services! Promotional videos are there to promote, advertise, and spread awareness for a product or service. Promotional videos are the cornerstone of video marketing and are used across virtually every industry in some capacity or another.


Entertainment videos are those that exist simply to enthral us. Entertainment videos vary wildly but most often form part of a larger entertainment group or product. Music videos released by bands and series streamed on online platforms like YouTube or Netflix are often made purely for our entertainment.


A documentary is – as you probably know – a detailed examination of a particular topic, company or individual, in a way that allows the viewer to gain a detailed comprehension of a nuanced topic. Documentaries can come in anything from mini-documentaries advertising a specific service all the way to multi-episode series covering huge subjects.

At Title Productions we deal in all things video production and have experience creating all types of video content! We cover all aspects of film production from social media marketing to corporate training videos. Get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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