Title Productions is Celebrating Its 3rd Birthday!

Title Productions is excited to announce we’ve just smashed another incredible milestone in the progression of our company. Earlier this month we celebrated our third birthday! That’s right, Title Productions has been smashing graphic design projects, social media strategies, and video content commissions for our clients for a whole three years!

After meeting in university in 2016 our co-founders, Nicolay and Noor, bonded over their mutual interests in visual storytelling and video content and from this collaboration Title Productions were born! Noor and Nicolay spent two years planning and designing their business from the ground up and spent all of 2017 building connections and brainstorming potential ideas for the new company. In October 2018, Title Productions was officially born, with the 4th of October being our incorporation date and birthday!

It has definitely been a rocky road to reach this point, and in hindsight, we actually launched in one of the most difficult years we could have chosen! We had barely found our feet within the industry when the COVID-19 pandemic began, and businesses began to be affected by the virus and the various lockdown measures taken to prevent its spread!

It took the tireless efforts of our incredible team throughout 2020 to create a name for our emerging business in such an economically uncertain time, but we absolutely smashed it and started gaining larger and more prominent clients as the word of our professional and high-quality service spread!

Title Productions are now known as one of the top video production companies in the Northwest, and have worked with globally recognized brands such as Volkswagen, the NHS, Bolton Wanderers Football Club, Manchester City Football Club, and even huge celebrities like Amir Khan and British rock band Coldplay! For our work, we have been presented or nominated for a host of awards including being a nominee for the Bolton International Film Festival award in 2017 and winning the award when renominated in 2018! We have also been a winner and nominee of a Royal Television Society award and received an Independent Documentary award in 2018! Our first three years have been an incredible success, so here’s to many more Title Productions’ birthdays in the future!

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