Types of Informational Videos

Following our pieces on educational and promotional videos, the latest instalment in our ‘Types of Video Content’ blog series will cover informational videos! Informational videos are usually short and straight to the point in order to deliver the message as succinctly as possible. This makes informational videos quite dry, and they tend toward a surface-level analysis of the topic at hand. News reporters, as a prime example, usually offer only the basic facts of a news story, without delving much into the background or additional information surrounding the story. This is the opposite of educational or promotional videos, as informational videos don’t have the liberty to take the time to discuss details or provide any real depth of analysis. Some examples of informational videos include:

Interviews and Question & Answer Sessions

If you’re into following celebrity news, you would have seen a number of these Q& videos pop up on YouTube. Popular videos usually include the interviewer following the celebrity around their house or their workplace, asking short questions about the person’s career or opinions about trivial matters. Q& As are also carried out with politicians, business leaders, and subject matter experts for an even drier informational experience. These types of videos are usually very fast-paced and no longer than a few minutes long. Providing a lot of information in a short amount of time keeps the viewers engaged with the content.

Television Newscasts

We’ve all watched the news at some point in our life, in today’s age you’d struggle to get along without it! As mentioned above, television newscasts are the epitome of informational videos – short, snappy, and informational back-to-back stories to update the public on current events. The news provides an overview of global, national, and local events, but will (or should) not speculate on subjective aspects of the stories, providing purely objective information.

Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements, or PSAs, are announcements intended to release vital information to the population in a short space of time. PSAs are often used to combat ongoing events like pandemics with relevant health information or to provide warnings or things like impending natural disasters or a declaration of war. PSAs are intended to cover only the most crucial information, so it is not lost in the detail. The more you know!

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