Types of Promotional Videos

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been bringing you our breakdown-by-blog of the various types of video content. First, we did an overview of the various types of video content used by businesses, before starting our week-by-week summaries of each type. Last week we brought you types of educational videos. This week we’re continuing our list with this short summary of types of promotional videos!

Promotional videos are incredibly popular and common on the modern internet. These videos usually seek to advertise a product or service in a short, snappy video. These differ from traditional adverts in that they are optional to watch, so they need to entice the viewer into wanting to digest the promotions! The best promotional videos will therefore include an engaging and clear title and won’t be too lengthy or dry, or it’ll put people off watching. Some examples of promotional videos include:

Unboxings from Vloggers

Anybody who’s been on YouTube must be aware of the unboxing video. Now common on YouTube and other similar streaming sites, unboxing videos are when a vlogger will receive a brand-new boxed product (or sometimes a collection of products in a “mystery box”) and will then open that product on camera, providing commentary on their first impressions and reviews about the contents.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations can be somewhat similar to unboxing but are usually done from a more professional source. Rather than a vlogger reviewing their products, it will likely be a company spokesperson who is there to actively advertise the product rather than offer their objective views. Product demonstrations will be specifically structured to feature the key aspects of the product or service.

Giveaways on Social Media

Giveaways will always be popular; everybody loves something for free! Giveaway videos will usually promote the product or service that is being given away while also advertising the business and the other products/services it produces! Giveaway videos are a great way to get a lot of attention on social media, especially those that require sharing to enter!

Promotional videos are, in essence, optional adverts that the viewer actually wants to see. These can be much more effective than standard TV ads that we’re all desperate to skip! If you’re looking to produce some promotional video content for your business, check out Title Productions, we have all the expertise needed to produce the perfect content for your business!

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