For many small to medium sized businesses, TV advertising can seem like a distant and
unattainable dream. Something which is reserved for the Coca Cola’s and McDonald’s of the

Well it’s time that this changed, and thankfully Sky has provided a revolutionary alternative
which makes this dream a reality: AdSmart from Sky.

With AdSmart, different adverts can be shown to different households watching the same
programme. This means businesses like yours can now advertise on 100’s of the nation’s
favourite channels. The award-winning platform allows you to select households
based on factors like age, location and affluence making your marketing efforts much more
targeted and much less costly.

How does it work?

1. Household data is stored on the Sky box.
2. Relevant adverts for that household are sent to the box via satellite.
3. When an AdSmartable opportunity is identified during an advert break, a hint code tells
the box to choose the most relevant stored ad to play.
4. That advert is then served seamlessly into the ad break.

Genius, right?

You may be thinking however, how do we at Title Productions fit in to all this? Well, we are
happy to announce that we are now working with AdSmart, providing content creation services to produce the video ads you need.

Why Us?

We are proud of our storytelling ability, and the way in which we use these stories to deliver
results for our clients. We generate feelings and emotions through video, making viewers
laugh and cry. These sorts of reactions are what you need if you are appearing on a TV ad

How many times have you watched TV and zoned out at the Ad break? The reason why is
probably because these ads don’t involve a story. They don’t grab your attention or provide
an engaging narrative for you to follow. Now think about those classic John Lewis Christmas
adverts… why are they so popular and effective? Because they sell a story, not a product.

This is what stands out and is exactly what we do with our clients. Just check out the
examples at the bottom of this page!

We follow the structure of understanding exactly who you are and what value proposition
you bring, combining this together through a narrative that plays with the viewer’s emotions.
However, getting these stories in front of the ideal audience has been a long-standing
challenge in the marketing industry.

Not any more.

This is the problem which AdSmart solves, and is why we are so excited to share our
partnership with you!

With AdSmart we have a distribution pathway onto TV’s across the country, so your video is not going to get lost on your Instagram page where your dream client might not see it. Your ad is only going to be seen by people you want to see it, as the targeting AdSmart provides is so precise and incredibly effective. If it sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry. We are here to help you through the whole process, from concept creation to distribution.

If you want to benefit from the power of targeted TV, stand out against competitors, and
increase sales through the most powerful form of advertising, then don’t hesitate to get in

AdSmart campaigns start from as little as £3,000. Click the link here to find out more
about the service.


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