We’ve ‘bean’ working on a new project!

Here at Title Productions, we have worked on a variety of fun and exciting video projects over the years but never one that has required us to hire a Mr. Bean impersonator for filming!

After securing Toni to embody the character of Mr. Bean we got to work!

The video project was for an international client and the project required us to film a fictional, promotional video in which they wanted us to use the character of Mr. Bean to promote their brand.

We filmed in the town of Bolton, Greater Manchester on a lovely warm, spring day for an 8-hour shoot! We had 13 extras accompany Toni and it is safe to say that he had us laughing all day! Even the locals wanted to get pictures with him!

What do you think? Is he a good Mr. Bean lookalike? We think so!


Using a Mr. Bean impersonator instead of Rowan Atkinson himself not only was way more cost-effective but he was really able to bring the character to life, after all, he is a professional! The clients, therefore, were very happy with our casting choice and the budget as well as the drafts of the video.

If you’re wanting to create a video incorporating a particular celebrity or influencer to promote your business without the Hollywood budget we are able to find these for you to use in your video.

The full video is in the works and will be available to watch soon, sign up to our mailing list on the link below to be the first to view it and stay up to date with our future projects:


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