Who is your “Perfect Client”? 🤔

Have you ever stopped to think about who your perfect client is?

If you haven’t, don’t be alarmed – thousands of business owners across the UK admit to having never considered this question before. Simply put, a ‘perfect client’ is someone who shares your values, benefits from your product or service, and has a high potential for repeat custom. Identifying exactly who this could be is crucial when working out how to optimize your business performance and we believe that businesses all over the world should be paying more attention to it.

Firstly, let’s look at why. Some of you may be thinking: “why is it so important I know my perfect client? Why can’t I just sell to anyone and everyone?” This is a fair question, as surely the more people you contact and market, the more sales you are going to achieve. Here, however, the old saying of “quality over quantity” comes to mind as it has been proven that an unregulated, unfocused approach to sales isn’t an efficient strategy.

Marketing to a select group of people who you know can afford and are going to be interested in your products increases your conversion rate percentage by a staggering amount. This means that over time, you will spend less time and money trying to attract new clients, but you will actually make more revenue in sales from repeat customs and successful marketing campaigns. Wasting time trying to sell to unrealistic or uninterested clients is one of the biggest ‘silent killers’ to efficiency in your business, and it might be something you need to address.

Once you find the right client for your business and work out a way to entice them in, you will be able to add incredible value to their company. This strategy of finding the perfect client works for both sides, as you are building quality relationships with high potential clients whilst they are simultaneously benefitting from your amazing services. Win-win right? By making your client happier and impressing them with your professional service, you also increase the likelihood of referrals which will help you grow your brand, gain credibility, and make more money.

Another advantage of finding your perfect client is that the greater clarity you have with regard to your ideal customer, the more focused and effective your marketing efforts will be. Think of it this way: if you don’t have a clear picture of who this client is, you will have no idea how to gain their custom and the search for them becomes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. However, if you know exactly which sort of clients you should be approaching, you narrow down the search immensely and suddenly that needle becomes a whole lot bigger.

Ok, this all sounds great, but how do you go about identifying who your perfect client is? For this conundrum we have three tips you should follow.

Think about opportunity
Really take the time to consider what you do best as a company and try to isolate the customers who need this the most. Once you have figured this out, also consider who would have the financial power to buy your services again and again – not just as a one-off. Clients who fit this description are perfect for your business and should be the primary targets you are lining up in your sights. They offer the highest chance of conversion and huge potential for future sales which will often lead to a long-lasting, fruitful professional relationship.

Look at past case studies
If it isn’t immediately obvious what your perfect client looks like, try referring back to previous sales or projects and consider which were the best. Which sorts of clients generated the most revenue, which was the easiest to work with, and what sort of businesses did you add the most value to? By doing this, you are making your decision based on personal experience, which is the most accurate predictor there is.

Consider your passion
Making a sale is always a positive thing for your business, but doesn’t it feel more rewarding when you are heavily invested in your work and share the same interests and values as your client? Although this might seem like an unnecessary consideration, working with people who you like and want to see thrive will give you a significant increase in job satisfaction in the long run. It also helps to shape your brand image as you start to align with certain companies more than others. This can help you gain a footing in some industries, allowing you to focus your workload on a smaller section of potential customers. Over time, this more focused approach will help you develop close relationships with your customers where you both benefit from the advantages of clear communication and understanding.

Take these three points into account when you’re next recruiting potential customers and see how it affects your business performance. The effects of this strategy wont bear fruit overnight, but finding your perfect client is very much worth the wait. If you are unsure who you’re looking for and don’t know where to start, follow our tips and work it out. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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Who is your “Perfect Client”? 🤔

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