Why Video? 🎬

It is a great time to promote your business using the amazing platform of video, a time-tested visual medium that can take ideas and present them to screens and households across the globe in a fast, creative and efficient way. A media platform that offers convenience to your consumers whilst offering you a flexible, attractive and cost-effective way to reach your audience. Share your aspirations and values whilst getting recognition for your business’s success.

Watch our blog video where we discuss why you should be doing video for your business!

Whether we’re talking about a two-minute business video that is explaining your products and services or discussing a Hollywood movie, the film has been around for over a century and it is by far the fastest, most welcoming, versatile and engaging way to tell a story to an unlimited number of people in a short period of time. When we think of the film, we think of the story, we think of people, places and events and this is something that both a movie and an advertising video should have in common.

If you see yourself as a bit of a visionary, video allows you to portray your business story your way, guiding your audience’s emotions in the direction you want and making it reflective of you. With online video now making up almost 80% of all consumer internet use and over 50% of it watched via a mobile device, there is no better way to reach your audience in a way that they appreciate and are willing to engage with. With video, you can guide your customer into having a deeper insight into your business, by choosing to promote the people, products and originality of your company. Video allows you to tell the story of your business in a way that you can reflect how you feel within yourself to bring an authentic feeling of trust to your audience.

No matter what type of video you are making, even if it’s talking about your family Construction company or the awards you’ve earned for your catering business; your story and its authenticity can be translated into many videos. From an origin story to current promotions and online support, If you make your video truthful, thought-provoking, factual and inciteful, no matter what the purpose of it is, you will always leave your audience wanting more and wanting to follow up on the information that’s already been provided to them by visiting or contacting your business.

Video content is also a great way of getting a lot of information about your business to your audience in advance before they visit your website or call in. Your clients will not have to phone as often with minor enquiries and that time can be better used having a more detailed relevant conversation with them. They won’t have to rely on emails or advertising flyers for information on promotions and they will not have to search complex help forums for relevant support. By using video, you support a large audience without tying up vital employee hours at unnecessary cost. Video can save so much time and money for your company, time and money that can then be put towards helping it grow, stabilize and remain relevant.

Whether you are an events planner, caterer, business coach or web developer you should consider that making video content for your business is the same as creating a portfolio of digital assets that can be used for valuable time and time again. Developed and tweaked over time as your business grows. For an unlimited period, you have the opportunity to relay the same messages to multiple people in a short space of time without limitation. No matter what size your business is and how many videos you want to create, there is no better time-saving and cost-effective way to tell your story, engage with a wider audience and maximize sales than with video.

With digital videos on your media platforms, you will also be raising brand awareness and increasing your company’s visual appeal quickly and effectively, freeing up your personal time and gaining some freedom from the business. Videos give your company a bit more automation so you can have better control over it and a balanced lifestyle between work, friends and family.

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