Bespoke Landscapes

Short Business Documentary
“It’s always great to see how your services impact other businesses in such a powerful and positive way.”
In this short documentary Gordon Hamilton, owner of Bespoke Landscapes, walks viewers through his work process and
Client Testimonial
Customer Louise for Bespoke Landscapes is discussing her experiences working with the team at the company, and why she wanted the modifications and how she approached Bespoke Landscape
Hazlehurst school testimonial
Anne-Marie, headteacher and deputy headteacher James Perkin at Hazelhurst Primary School discusses their experiences working with the Bespoke Landscapes and how much of a positive impact the company has made, with regards to professionalism.
Bespoke Landscapes uses quality materials with a comprehensive design services
Promotional video
During this promotional video for Bespoke Landscapes, we filmed over a 5-week period to show the progression of one of Bespokes’ landscaping projects. Layering a voice-over explanation with footage of the crew hard at work, we were able to show the audience exactly what to expect from Bespoke. Seeing the progress of a project from start to finish is an incredible tool that provides a proof of concept for your business and let’s the viewers visualize the amazing service you can provide.
Meet the Team
We shot this short video for Bespoke Landscapes to introduce their team to a prospective audience. The video provided the perfect opportunity for potential Bespoke clients to see who they were dealing with prior to finalising an agreement with the company. A ‘Meet the Team’ video is a great way to show the personality of your business and put a trusting, welcoming face to your company’s brand.

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